The humble potato

You say potato I say potatoe but, one thing is certain, Trevor says plant them- lots of them- and in this podcast he tells Michelle how to make sure that the soil is perfect for ensuring a huge yield as well as providing an excellent environment for growing subsequent vegetables.

Music; Shift of Currents by Blue Dot Sessions



Todays’ podcast will enlighten you on the benefits and ease with which you can grow a plethora of herbs in the garden. Trevor loves the culinary joy of picking and harvesting your own herbs. Michelle loves how decadent it feels to be able to grow herbs so easily and harvest healthy plants that are usually so expensive to buy in the shops.




Todays’ podcast will teach you more about mulch that you never knew you needed to know. Will Trevor convince Michelle that choosing mulch for the nutritional benefits are more important than aesthetics?


Episode One, Why Garden

What happens when years of gardening experience meets years of gardening enthusiasm? A passion not just for the how of gardening but the why? Why do we garden? What is it about the magic of nature that has so many people getting down and dirty? Whether you only want to just sit and have a wine under a tree or spend hours tilling the soil join Trevor and Michelle as they share their love of nature and all its mysteries.

Music; Shift of Currents by Blue Dot Sessions