Lil Crosby

WAAAF World War 2. 22,000 women served in the WAAAF (Woman’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force ) during World 2. Lil Crosby was one of them. She grew up in Gawler and was in Grade VII Primary School at Wars Outbreak in 1939. By wars end (1945) she was in the WAAAF and in this interview with Marilyn Simpson she recounts with joy, humour and sadness her vivid memories of those times.

Lil Crosby in 1945

Lil Crosby in 1945

Lil Crosby photo 2018 resized.jpg

Photo of Lil taken early 2018. Below is a typical WAAAF "sign up" poster of the period.

WAAAF Sign Up Poster.jpg

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