E04 - the Motocross Mayor

We might know him better as the former Mayor of Gawler, but Brian Sambell loves motocross, and he’s been riding and racing bikes since the days when he putt-putted behind his dad as a kid.

In the latest instalment of the Gawler Oral History Project, Brian Sambell joins Rod McKenzie to talk motor racing – from Brian’s days riding in the South Australian Motocross and the Barossa Valley 24hr Challenge, to paddock bashing, to the difficulty of racing bikes with a sidecar, to what’s happening in racing today. Brian’s so obviously passionate about racing, and, though he doesn’t race anymore, he still loves to watch and talk about his favourite sport.

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Brian’s had a huge influence on Gawler during his life, from his involvement in Apex, to helping to form the Gawler Motorcycle Group, to building successful businesses, and, of course, being our Mayor, but through it all he’s held a love and passion for the roar of the racing bike engine.

Production Notes

Title: E04 - The Motocross Mayor

Guest: Brian Sambell

Host: Rod McKenzie

Editor: Ian McDonnell

Producer: Barry Neylon

Transcript: Rod McKenzie


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